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ISTA regards Education and Networking as cornerstone activities and considering today's economic challenges, knowledge is more important than ever. ISTA offers many educational opportunities to help you stay current with relevant industry issues and keep up-to-date on the newest innovations and best practices in transport packaging. We are committed to providing quality educational events that will deliver direct benefits to you and your company.


Wednesday, September 17th
WEBINAR: Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional (CPLP) Workshop

Larry Dull, CPLP Instructor, ISTA Vice President- Sustainable Solutions

The Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional (CPLP) program recognizes your development and excellence in packaging laboratory professionals. CPLP certification is particularly valuable for enhancing the credibility of people involved with ISTA testing and ISTA certified laboratory operations. ISTA will be offering CPLP Technologist Webinar on September 17th. It will be conducted by Larry Dull, ISTA's Vice President, Sustainable Solutions and who is also a CPLP-Professional. The CPLP exam will be available online after the webinar or in paper format upon request.


Technologist Webinar - September 17th:
10:30-12:30pm Webinar in Session
12:30-1:30 Webinar Break
1:30-3:30 Webinar in Session
3:30-4:00 Optional Wrap Up
(all times are EST)

Registration Fee: $695.00.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants will receive online access to materials in advance of the Webinar. Only ISTA Members may take the CPLP exams and receive CPLP status. All CPLP materials and exams are in English. English proficiency is therefore required for successful participation in the CPLP program. Please contact Lisa Bonsignore at ISTA (, phone 517-333-3437) if you have any further questions.


Wednesday, September 24th, 11:00 EST
WEBINAR: A Visual Study of Cushion Geometry's Effect on Performance

Bill Green, IBM, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) of Packaging Technology
Determining static loading and cushion curves are essential for any cushion design, but are generally only the beginning of a good design, not the end. A cushion design's geometry also plays a vital role in the performance of a cushion. This study visually analyzes, the effects that a PE cushion's geometry has on performance, using a high speed video camera.

ISTA Members: FREE Non-Members: $55


Bill Green Biography: Education: B.S. and MS in Packaging from Michigan State University. Activities: Member of ISTA and IoPP. Achievements: 2013 IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, 2011 North American Supply Chain Excellence Award for Green Supply Chain, Black Engineer of the Year Award: Modern Day Technology Leader, Ameristar Award Winner.


Wednesday, October 15th, 11:00 EST
WEBINAR: Techniques for Reducing the Time of Laboratory Vibration Simulation

Kyle Dunno, Clemson University, Research Associate
Further analysis of vehicle vibration techniques is examined in this continued presentation from the ISTA TransPack Forum 2013. This presentation examines the findings when additional packaged products are subjected to different techniques of vertical vibration simulation. Over the road vehicle vibration data was collected, analyzed, and used to simulate the vibration input to packaged products during transportation. Results will compare the findings of the different vibration techniques. Correlation of test results will also be compared to field samples.

Additionally, the presentation will also explore the opportunity of reduced test time without compromising the actual field data collected. Different methods for reducing test time will be explored and compared to field samples. Results and discoveries of this trial will be introduced.

ISTA Members: FREE Non-Members: $55

Kyle Dunno Biography: Education: B.S. Packaging Science - Clemson University; M.S. Packaging Science - Clemson University. Activities: Member of ISTA, NIPHLE, IFT. Achievements: ISTA CPLP Professional.


Thursday, November 13th, 11:00 EST
WEBINAR: How to Design an Efficient Unit Load By Considering the Stiffness of the Pallet

Laszlo Horvath, Virginia Tech, Assistant Professor of Practice and Director of Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design
During the design of unit loads, it is a common practice to use a component based design methodology rather than using the interaction between the elements of the unit load to reduce the overall spend. In the last ten years, the stiffness of pallets continuously decreased due to cost saving initiatives. However, the effect of the reduced pallet stiffness was not considered during the design of corrugated packages carried by the pallet.

ISTA Members: FREE Non-Members: $55


Laszlo Horvath Biography: Education: Ph.D. in Forest Biomaterials from North Carolina State University, MS. in Engineering Management and MS. in Timber Engineering from University of West Hungary. Activities: Member IoPP and Faculty Advisory of IoPP at Virginia Tech, Member of the Forest Product Society, Voting Member of US Technical Advisory Group to ISO TC51, ANSI MH1, ANSI MH10, and ASTM D10. Achievements: SWST George Marra Award for Excellent Writing and Research 2013.


Wednesday, December 10th, 11:00 EST
WEBINAR: Wobble – Experiments in Stability Testing

Luther "Chip" Stone, CPLP, CPP, The Hershey Company Engineer, Materials Testing, Packaging
After Ralph Rupert’s presentation at the 2011 Transport Packaging Forum, we began experimenting with ways to test and measure unit load stability using an inclined impact tester. Here are several approaches we tried, and what we like and dislike about them. Takeaway: Hopefully you’ll take away ideas you can try in your lab. Better yet, maybe this presentation will spark new ideas, or new ways to use and interpret the results. Even better, maybe your ideas will make their way to ISTA’s Load Stability Workgroup which would help them develop a useable test.

ISTA Members: FREE Non-Members: $55


Luther "Chip" Stone Biography: Education: AST in Electronics and Computer Technology. Course work in Industrial Arts at Millersville University. Activities: ISTA and IoPP member., Member of ISTA Testing Council & Global Education Committee, Treasurer of IoPP Central Penn Chapter. Achievements: ISTA CPLP Professional, IoPP Lifetime CPP.


ISTA China Packaging Symposium

The 2014 ISTA China Packaging Symposium will be held on September 24-26 in Hangzhou, China. A balance of speakers from China, Asia, the U.S., and Europe will ensure a global perspective, offering presentations on international packaging technology, packaging design, packaged-product testing, the distribution environment, global supply chains, sustainability and packaging materials.

ADDED BONUS: The CPLP Technician workshop will be offered during the 2014 ISTA-China Packaging Symposium at a reduced rate. It will be held on September 24, 2014. Mr. HAN Xueshan, the Vice Dean of China Packaging Research & Test Center will teach the Workshop in CHINESE. Learning materials are in English. Teaching language and presentation slides are in Chinese. Examination will be offered Chinese. If you have any questions, contact SUN Ling at Phone: +86-22-66231627.



Call for Papers and Important Sponsorship Opportunities

Call for Papers: If you have an interesting and informative topic or case study related to transport packaging and would like to submit an abstract or discuss suggestions for the 2015 TransPack Forum program, please contact Lisa Bonsignore at or 517.333.3437 ext 215.

Sponsor this Important Educational Event
The Forum is the premier opportunity for you to show you are an industry leader and to extend your company’s brand identity and marketing capabilities by becoming a sponsor. The sponsors are of great importance to the overall success of the Forum and ample opportunities are provided for maximum exposure to all of the attendees. Don’t miss this chance to support this unique and valued educational event. Click here for more information on sponsorship.



Upcoming RPbD Training Programs
for those who are interested in learning how to implement the process in their company. Whether you’re seeking to test the waters, committed to implementing the program, or desiring to obtain a professional certificate, the RPbD training program can help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to build your company’s reputation as an environmentally and socially conscious corporate citizen – and drive profitability.

Dates and locations for upcoming RPbD Training Programs are being planned. The format for the program includes a full day in-person session followed by a half day web meeting. Contact Lisa Bonsignore ( at ISTA Headquarters for upcoming dates and locations or to request a Training Program to be held at your company.

RPbD Guide Available to ISTA Members and Non Members
The Responsible Packaging by Design (RPbD) Guide is a step-by-step process management standard for the design, testing, and qualification of responsible packaging that meets industry, consumer, and regulatory expectations. The RPbD Guide is available as a member benefit at no additional cost under a licensing agreement to ISTA members classified as a Business Primary Location. Individual members and university members are not eligible for this benefit. Non-members may purchase the Guide for an annual license fee of $750. Simply visit the ISTA E-Market at