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ISTA Testing Laboratory Certification Portal
Instructional video on how to use the portal to provide your laboratory equipment information and capabilities for review.
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ISTA PackSight Live Demo - May 12th, 2020
The ISTA and Specright team conducted a live demo of PackSight, a new online test planning and reporting platform for ISTA test procedures.
Click here for the answers to the Q&A portion of the demo!
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Retail Supply Channels for CPGs In India: An Evaluation of Handling, Storage & Transportation in the Distribution Environment
Jay Singh, Professor & Packaging Program Director, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo
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Dynamic Highlights of Comprehensive Intermodal Distribution Measurement Study
Eric Joneson, Vice President of Marketing, Lansmont
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Amazon Update on Testing and Certification
Brent Nelson, Amazon, Principal Product Manager, Packaging, Customer Packaging Experience
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Developing Climatic OQ Thermal Challenge Profiles Webinar
Bryan Cardis, Consultant Cold Chain and Packaging Engineer and Jeffrey Chida Cardis, Consultant Engineer, Eli Lilly
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Developing Thermal Data Analysis Standards: Algorithms for Developing Temperature Test Profiles from Ambient Lane Data
Bernard McGarvey, Retired and Paul Harber, Founder, Parental Supply Chain
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Effects of Social Media and Packaging on e-Commerce Shippers
Jack Mahoney, Brand Manager, Pregis
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Stability Palletised Corrugated Packaging in Modern Supply Chains
Gérard van den Boogaard, Expertise Manager Supply Chain, Smurfit Kappa Development Centre
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The Effect on Non-Chemical Phytosanitary Treatment on Packaging Integrity of Unitized Products to Prevent the International Spread of Invasive Plant and Animal Species
Marshall White, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech
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Over-the-Road Load Shift Investigative Case Study
Eric Joneson, Vice President, Technology, Lansmont 
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Innovating Your Innovations
Robby Martin, Bush Brothers & Co.
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Systems Based Design of Global Supply Chains
Marshall White, Professor Emeritus, White and Company LLC
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Comparative Measurement and Observation from Intermodal Transportation
Eric Joneson, Vice President, Technology, Lansmont Corporation
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Dissecting Containment Force, Load Compression, Film Stiffness, and their Roles Stabilizing
Luke Venechuk, Highlight Industries, Inc.
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Being a Packaging Engineer at a Food Manufacturer in this Omni-Channel World
Greg Roskos, The J.M. Smucker Company
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Adapting to the Re-configuration of the Retail Supply Chain
Greg Fornaseiro,  Home Depot
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Application of a Triboelectric Energy Harvester in Transport Packaging
Greg Batt, Clemson University
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A New Look at Simulation Testing to Replicate Packaging and Product Damage in the Field
Alex Hagedorn, GE - Appliances & Lighting
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Laboratory Evaluation of ASTM D4169 (Current and Proposed) and ISTA Vibration Profiles
Michael Morrow
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Material and Performance Evaluation of Shipping Containers Utilizing Alternate Materials and Styles
Monica Habash, West Pharmaceutical Services
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Ergonomics and Manual Material Handling
Susie Elkins, Millwood, Inc.
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How to Design an Efficient Unit Load By Considering the Stiffness of the Pallet
Laszlo Horvath, Virginia Tech
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Benchmarking of Industrial Machine Wrap Stretch Film
Larry Effler, The Dow Chemical Company
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A Visual Study of Cushion Geometry's Effect on Performance
Bill Green, IBM
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Techniques for Reducing the Time of Laboratory Vibration Simulation
Kyle Dunno, Clemson University
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Creating a Metric for CPG Distribution Unsalables: A Demonstration of Concept Project
Dennis E. Young, Specialist, Michigan State University, School of Packaging
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Pallets and Mold Control
Ralph Rupert, Manager - Unit Load Technology, Millwood, Inc.
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