Certify your Lab

ISTA offers laboratory certification with two different focuses:

Transport Testing Laboratories

Challenge packaged-products against physical distribution hazards such as shock, vibration and compression.

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Thermal Testing Laboratories

Establish minimum requirements for the evaluation of insulated shipping containers (ISC’s) to thermal challenges of distribution.

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Certifying Your Transport Testing Lab

ISTA® Transport Testing Laboratory Certification assures a laboratory is properly equipped to conduct ISTA® package performance testing. The process for ISTA Transport Testing Lab Certification is as follows:

  • Become a Member

    Once you've become a member, review the Transport Testing Laboratory certification procedure document below. Then login to the Member Area using the delegate's company login to access the Lab Certification portal (located in the Resources folder). 

  • Document Capabilities

    Provide information on your equipment and its capabilities by filling out equipment specific online forms as well as upload short videos (less than 1 minute each) showing the equipment in use within the Lab Certification Portal. Portal tutorial and circle example video above.

  • ISTA's Review

    All information submit to the ISTA Lab Certification portal will be reviewed within approximately 15 business days. Based upon your equipment capabilities, ISTA will certify your lab for the test protocols that your equipment can conduct.

  • Recertification

    Recertification occurs every two years, or whenever equipment is moved. Details on the recertification process can be found in ISTA’s Transport Testing Laboratory Certification procedure.

Certifying Your Thermal Testing Lab

Thermal Testing Lab certification enables compliance with ISTA Standard 20, a standardized design and qualification process for insulated shipping containers (ISC). A certified lab utilizing this process, in conjunction with thermal profile ISTA 7E, allows that laboratory to qualify packaging solutions as ’Certified to ISTA Standard 20‘. Laboratory certification period is for two years from completion of a successful on-site laboratory audit.

  • ISTA Standard 14 explains the process and minimum requirements required to become an ISTA Certified Thermal Testing Laboratory. Download Standard 14

  • Purchase Standard 20 (Includes ISTA 7E).

  • Submit an ISTA Thermal Testing Laboratory audit application, ISTA Form 0045.

  • Certify at least one employee as a Certified Thermal Professional Level II.

  • Submit a pre-audit and audit form, ISTA Form 0047, and after a successful review, an on-site laboratory audit is scheduled.

  • An independent ISTA Certified Auditor conducts an audit. Application & Base* Audit Fee: $3,000 + Auditor travel time & expense.

    *Extensive post audit follow-up due to a Not Certified result or other circumstances may result in additional fees