ISTA Publishes Data Collection Standards

Data Collection Standards Now Available 
Distribution Environment Hazards: Atmospheric – Shock/Impacts and Drops – Vehicle Vibration

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), through the guidance of industry subject matter experts, has established a set of distribution environment data collection standards for use in conjunction with the development of ISTA testing protocols. Ensuring that field data is captured in a consistent and meaningful manner is important in creating laboratory tests that reasonably and effectively simulate real-world distribution hazards. Therefore, the objective of these standards is to create transparency into the type of data leveraged for the creation and maintenance of ISTA testing protocols, and to provide guidance on the measurement and collection of field data when needed.
ISTA also hopes these standards will encourage members of our community to collaborate with ISTA in growing our data warehouse and accelerating our global effort to optimize packaging for transit advancing both the environment and commerce.
The continued development of technology and alternative means of data collection will drive the need for these standards to be maintained and updated. As such, the standards are intended to be living documents that will evolve over time. As part of this continued evolution, ISTA welcomes feedback from a broad audience. If you are a subject matter expert in one of these areas and would like to get involved in the future revisions, please reach out to

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