ISTA Digital

ISTA is excited to announce ISTA Digital: a new digital cloud application for ISTA members, focused on the collection and sharing of data, facilitating easy collaboration with stakeholders, and optimizing resource usage through effective package design.
This new member benefit is coming to ISTA members this Summer!

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To design packaging responsibly, minimize product damage, and achieve sustainability goals, it's crucial to understand your supply chains and distribution cycles.

ISTA Digital offers innovative tools empowering members to bring transparency to their distribution chains.

Understanding the Distribution Chain

To responsibly design and optimize packaging, you must truly understand your supply chains & distribution cycles.

You must understand the challenges they present to your packaged products while they are in transit to your customers.

You must understand how your packaged products perform within those environments.

ISTA Digital is a new cloud application focusing on data collection, collaboration, and packaging design.

Tailored for ISTA members, ISTA Digital introduces exciting new tools to streamline packaging design, development, and testing, while emphasizing damage reduction and goals for sustainability.

ISTA Digital not only enhances collaboration and knowledge-sharing but also empowers members to bring transparency to their distribution chains.

Collect | Connect | Design

  • ISTA Digital is a cloud-based digital application for ISTA members. 
  • Users can collect & upload observational supply chain & distribution cycle data including photos, videos & metric data to build distribution maps and associate product & package handling, equipment & storage data as well as distribution environment hazard data.

  • ISTA Digital users can connect with contributors & collaborators to document package & product damage in a pursuit to bring transparency to your supply chains & distribution channels from product manufacturing & packaging all the way to delivery at the front door of the end-customer.

  • Use ISTA Digital to document & share packaging design, development & test project work, photos, videos, & project files.
  • Use ISTA Digital to manage development projects and collaborate with stakeholders from day one of the project.  
  • Use ISTA Digital to track success of optimization projects over time.  Add important follow-up data up to and beyond implementation
  • Create Packaging Solutions Libraries for you and your teams.
  • Use ISTA Digital to create a portfolio of projects tracking your work as you work to reduce damage, increase efficiencies and show how you're making a difference improving global sustainability.


ISTA Digital is a premium privacy-first platform with options for secure sharing of project work with co-workers as well as vendors, suppliers, channel partners & other stakeholders around the globe.

ISTA Digital users can choose to keep all project data including photos, videos, & attachments completely private or choose to set up secure sharing with other users inside your company or organization.

ISTA members may also create project-specific teams for secure sharing with other ISTA members up the supply or vendor chains as well as those partners working down your distribution channels.

New Member Benefit

Stay tuned, ISTA Members! The first version of ISTA Digital is set to launch in Summer 2024, with exciting new features and tools. Anticipate further additions later this year.

Included in Your Membership

ISTA Digital will be available to ISTA members at no additional cost. 

Preview Demos

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Wednesday, June 26th, 11:00am-11:45am EST


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