Our Unique Features & Benefits

  • Access to Package Design & Testing Tools
    • Free access to the most current ISTA test procedures, most free of charge or discounted.
    • Receive the annual Resource Book.
    • Labs receive access to PackSight.
    • Free and unlimited access to our extensive library of papers, presentations, guidance documents, and case studies.
    • Free access to on-demand webinars and videos.
  • Exposure to Our Global Packaging Community
    • Access to our highly engaged volunteer groups.
    • Build relationships and create an invaluable network with our community.
    • Lab and supplier members offering packaging related services are included in our popular search tool.
    • Receive the InTouch digital e-newsletter.
    • Access to ISTA’s Intouch online community.
  • Certification
    • Participation in our certification programs available for transport testing and thermal testing laboratories, transit-tested packages and professionals.
    • Access to PackSight. Lab members receive one user license.
    • Achieve professional certification that recognizes excellence in packaging laboratory individuals.
    • Upon the completion of the Transit-Tested program, shipper members are allowed to print the ISTA Transit Tested Mark on their packaged-products.
  • Professional Development Opportunities
    • Access to quality educational and networking opportunities that deliver direct benefits to our members and their companies.
    • Members enjoy discounted registration rates to attend all events.
    • Advance your career by taking advantage of professional development opportunities including PDP certification and RPbD training.
    • Access to ISTA’s Career Center featuring a robust list of available industry jobs.
  • Access to Industry Research
    • Access to current industry research that helps build business strategies for you and your company.
    • Opportunities to collaborate with the ISTA community to continue pushing package performance testing and design forward.
  • Showcase Your Commitment to Reducing Waste
    • Only Shipper members may validate their packaged-products through our Transit-Tested program, ensuring that their transport packaging is sustainable and will perform and protect their products from supply chain hazards.
    • The ISTA Transit Tested Mark is visible proof to carriers and customers alike that you have done the diligence of minimizing product damage throughout distribution.
    • Only ISTA Shipper members receive test report verification and, under a Manufacturers License, are allowed to print or affix the ISTA Transit Tested Mark on their packaged-products.

Our Global Membership

Welcome To Our Newest Members

  • Shining Star Printing and Packaging Vietnam Company Ltd
  • Altor Solutions
  • Guangdong Safety Testing Co., Ltd.
  • R-pac Vietnam Limited
  • DATASYST Engineering & Testing Services, Inc.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Clemson University
  • 7PSolutions
  • Green Mountain Electrical Appliances Technical Consulting (Shenzhen) Company Limited
  • URS Products and Testing Private Limited
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • GreenDot Packaging Co., Limited
  • Yes Inspection Limited
  • MULTITTECH Engenharia Ltda
  • Ooni Limited

Membership Plans & Annual Dues

Testing Laboratory: - $2010Carrier, Retailer, Shipper, Supplier, or University with a testing laboratory or a Third-party (independent) laboratory.

  • Any laboratory engaged in preshipment testing of packaged-products in accordance with ISTA standards.
  • Includes two contacts.
  • Learn how to certify your Lab.
  • Membership includes one user license to access PackSight, ISTA's online test planning and reporting platform.
Join as a Testing Laboratory

Shipper - $710

  • Any organization that enters goods into physical distribution (product manufacturer or brand owner).
  • Transit tested certification requires submission of a signed ISTA License Agreement.
  • Includes two contacts.
  • Additional locations may join as an Additional Location member (see below).
Join as a Shipper

Carrier - $710

  • Any organization primarily engaged in the transportation or distribution of goods in commerce.
  • Includes two contacts.
Join as a Carrier

Supplier - $710

  • Any organization engaged in the supply of materials, goods or services relating to the physical distribution of goods.
  • Includes two contacts.
Join as a Supplier

Retailer - $710

  • A company that buys products from a manufacturer or wholesaler and sells them to end users.
  • Includes two contacts.
Join as a Retailer

Additional Location - $170

  • This membership type is for shippers who have multiple locations.
  • Includes one contact.
  • The Manufacturers License Number will be the same as the Primary Location.
Join as a an additional location

Consultant - $390

  • An individual engaged in supplying expert packaging knowledge or serves relating to the physical distribution of goods.
  • Self-employed.
Join as a Consultant

Associate - $170

  • An individual employed by an existing member location.
Join as an Associate

Individual - $220

  • Only for retired individuals from the packaging industry.
Join as an Individual

University - $440

  • A school that offers courses leading to a degree (such as a bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree) and where research is completed.
  • Includes two contacts.
Join as a University

Student of a Member University - $10

  • An individual presently enrolled at an accredited educational institute in an university undergraduate or graduate packaging program. University is an ISTA member.
  • Must have valid student email.
Join as a Student of a Member University

Student of a Non-Member University - $30

  • An individual presently enrolled at an accredited educational institute in a university undergraduate or graduate packaging program. University is not an ISTA member.
  • Must have valid student email.
Join as a Student of a Non-Member University

Volunteer Opportunities

You can get involved and make a difference! We have several volunteer groups currently leading ISTA in becoming the leading inspiration and resource for improving our world through transport packaging globally. Click below to explore our Boards, Council, Committees or Workgroups and get involved!

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