Educational Foundation

The ISTA Educational Foundation is dedicated to assisting the education of students at Universities with programs in packaging education. Scholarship awards will go to students with an interest in transport packaging. The scholarships will begin when adequate capital has been raised to insure the continual funding of scholarships.


Foundation history
The ISTA Educational Foundation was established in 1999 after the untimely death of R. David LeButt an International Safe Transit Association officer. Recognizing a need to honor a friend and colleague who participated in and realized the importance of a packaging education, the Board of Directors decided to establish a scholarship called the R. David LeButt Memorial Scholarship Fund. It started with a generous gift from the Georgia-Pacific Corporation, where Dave worked, a matching contribution from ISTA and several other company gifts. Each year, an individual is honored by receiving the prestigous R. David LeButt Packaging Education Award. See the list of recipients below. It was then decided to establish a separate Foundation to raise additional monies for a scholarship that would give money to packaging students from various universities.

The Foundation has held special events for fundraising and a direct campaign is currently being developed. The ISTA Educational Foundation has applied to be a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All contributions are tax-deductible. We ask that you and your company please consider supporting the Foundation by making a contribution or pledge and we sincerely thank all who have already offered their support.

R. David LeButt
At the time of his passing, Dave had accumulated over 35 years of experience and insight in the field of packaging, and was a key member of and mentor to the staff at the Georgia Pacific Technical Center located in Norcross, Georgia.

Dave was a Michigan State Univeristy School of Packaging graduate, member of IoPP and a key member of the ISTA volunteer management team.

Dave was the first person certified when ISTA's Certified Packaging Laboratory Technician program (now CPLP) was launched.
Education and the future of packaging were among the key issues in the discipline for Dave and as a tribute to Dave’s never-tiring efforts, his professionalism and eagerness to openly share his knowledge and experiences with so many in the packaging industry, we are pleased to name the Foundation in his honor.

The R. David LeButt Packaging Education Award was created to honor the late David LeButt and individuals like himself dedicated to the field of packaging. Recipients are selected for their outstanding contribution towards continuing education of those involved in the field of packaging. Dave was a pioneer packaging graduate from Michigan State University and had a very strong affiliation with packaging as a University level discipline.

During ISTACon 2000, Jim Perry (formerly of the GP Technical Center) accepted a large memorial plaque for display in the lobby area of the Technical Center. The plaque is engraved with a tribute to Dave and includes brass nameplates of the below award recipients. Congratulations to each of the recipients!

Bill Kipp - 2000 Bill is now an independent consultant, but worked most of his career for Lansmont Corporation (he, along with Ed Church and others, founded Lansmont in 1971). Before that he designed control and instrumentation systems, tested instructional computers for IBM, and worked with measurements and data systems in the aerospace industry. Bill has a degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University, and got involved with packaging when he worked with electrical and electronic systems for package testing machines. He designed all of the early Lansmont electronics, and later managed the design team for Lansmont’s first field data recorder. But the packaging application itself – particularly testing and dynamics – captured the majority of his interest and attention.

Active in the industry, Bill has missed very few Pack Expos, Westpacks, IoPP and ISTA national conferences, or ASTM D10 meetings in the last 25 years. He’s currently Chair of ASTM Subcommittee D10.15 on Fragility Assessment, Co-Chair of Subcommittee D10.16 on Instrumentation, and serves as ISTA’s Associate Executive Director. He is an IoPP CPP-Fellow and an ISTA CPLP-Professional. His major presentations and publications include “Vibration and Shock Testing Equivalence”, Product Testing for Distribution”, “PSD and SRS in Simple Terms”, and “Instrumentation for Package Performance Testing”. He is often a speaker at Dimensions and elsewhere.

Bill has guest lectured at R.I.T. and at San José State, has taught a semester of the IoPP “Fundamentals of Packaging Technology” course, and has given hundreds of classes and seminars for Lansmont customers and other organizations. He’s the first recipient of ISTA’s R. David LeButt award for outstanding performance in packaging education.

Alfred H. McKinlay - 2001 Al's career in industry spans more than 40 years, including 27 years with GE, plus hundreds of hours lecturing, writing and teaching. He has provided highly specialized consulting and engineering services in the packaging and handling industry, which include analysis, design, and testing of transport packaging of consumer, commercial, and industrial products; unit load systems for packaged products; and material handling systems for packaged products.

During his career, he has developed, tested, and implemented protective package designs and systems for a wide variety of products, and has performed many comprehensive surveys of packaging and handling programs. He was also an internal consultant for GE for over 20 years.

McKinlay is a registered Professional Engineer in manufacturing and engineering; a Certified Professional in packaging and handling; and a Certified Manufacturing Engineer. He received his B.A. in Industrial Administration at Union College, and is a Fellow of ASTM and the Institute of Packaging Professionals.

Herbert H. Schueneman - 2002 Herb received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors from Michigan State University in 1969 with specialized study in the area of product fragility analysis, packaging dynamics, and cushion material evaluation. In 1976 he received a Masters of Business Administration with honors from Northern Illinois University.

Herb worked as a packaging engineer for the Western Electric Company in Chicago, Illinois during which he was presented an Outstanding Achievement Award for design and testing of a returnable crating system for high technology electronic telephone switching apparatus. From 1977-1980, Herb was employed as a Unit Manager in the packaging development department of the Clorox Company where his primary function was the management of the dynamics testing laboratory. He then worked as the marketing manager for Lansmont Corporation where he was involved in the design of several new pieces of package testing equipment.

From 1984-1986, Herb functioned as an independent consultant in the area of product fragility analysis, package design, and package engineering and testing. In August of 1986, Herb co-founded Westpak, Inc. in San Jose, CA. Herb is now the Interim Packaging Program Director for San Jose State University.

Herb holds a Certified Professional ranking from the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) for both packaging and material handling. In 1994 he was inducted into the College of Fellows of IoPP in recognition of his years of service and contribution to professionalism in technical packaging.

In addition, Herb is a professional member of the Institute of Environmental Science (IES) and is a member of the Packaging Committee (D-10) of the American Society for Testing and Materials. He is widely published and has authored more than 32 articles relating to product and packaging dynamics.

Dr. Jorge Marcondes - 2003 Jorge has multiple degrees, including a Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering and an M.S. degree in Packaging Science, both from Michigan State University. His undergraduate degree is in Civil Engineering from the Catholic University in Brazil.

Jorge’s 18-year professional experience includes employment as a Packaging Engineer with 3M and Burlington Northern Railroad, faculty positions at Massey University, New Zealand; Victoria University, Australia; San Jose State University, U.S.A. and currently Clemson University.

Jorge has been published extensively and spoken at numerous conferences nationally and in several countries, including South East Asia and South America. He has worked as consultant for a number of organizations worldwide, is a recipient of multiple grants and is extensively involved in applied research in packaging science, technology and engineering.

In addition, Jorge is a member of the International Safe Transit Association, the Institute of Packaging Professionals and many, many other professional organizations. Jorge’s name is synonymous with Packaging Education at San Jose State and now at Clemson University, where he is a Professor at the Department of Packaging Science.

It is with great sadness that in June of 2004, Jorge lost his courageous battle with cancer. He will be greatly missed by the entire industry.

Dennis Young - 2004 Dennis is well deserving of this award. He is a member of ISTA, IOPP, NIPHLE, TAPPI and ASTM D-10 Committee. He has a degree in packaging and marketing from Michigan State University and is a member of the faculties at the MSU School of Packaging and the R.I.T. Department of Packaging Science.

His 36-year professional experience includes employment at IBM in Rochester, MN. Later at MSU, he was a full time academic advisor and received the Academic Advisor of the Year award.

He has published numerous papers for trade magazines and has presented dozens of seminars and conferences in both the U.S. and Internationally. He also designed and teaches a course in Hazardous Materials in an on-line format for MSU and R.I.T.

Dennis Young, in the world of packaging, has always been and always will be an icon…Dave would be thrilled! Congratulations to Dennis for being honored as the 2004 recipient of the R. David LeButt Award!

John Clarke - 2005 John's career has focused on the engineering, design, and application of pallets and unit loads.

He's a former Director of Virginia Tech's Center for Unit Load Design, a Research Associate for the William H. Sardo Jr. Pallet and Container Research Laboratory, and is currently an instructor for Virginia Tech's series of short courses relating to Unit Load Design.

He's a member of ISTA, the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association and the Materials Handling & Management Society, as well as a past member of IoPP and the Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition.

John is a frequent author and speaker, and presented a very-popular "Pallets 101" at Dimensions.04 last year (re-printed in the 4th Quarter PST magazine). He has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Wood Science and Forest Products from Virginia Tech.
Congratulations John!


Dr. Lejo Catedral Braña - 2006 A packaging professional for more than 40 years, Lejo Braña has distinguished himself as an expert in the industry and he has advanced the understanding and technology of the science of packaging on many continents. As Director of Packaging with Riviana Foods, Lejo was responsible for directing the company's world wide corporate technical packaging function and also managed its testing and consulting groups.

Lejo's professional resume is extensive. He is a Packaging Hall of Fame Member, Honorary Life Member and Member of the College of Fellows of the Institute of Packaging Professionals; Honorary Member of the Packaging Institute of the Philippines; Honorary Member of the Mexican Institute of Professionals in Packaging; and he served actively on the ISTA Board of Directors as both a Director and Officer for many years. Lejo holds Professional memberships with ISTA, IoPP, ASTM, SPE, TAPPI, NIPHLE and IoP (UK). Lejo has participated as a Speaker/Moderator in international seminars and conferences in packaging

In 2006, Lejo played a crucial role in the establishment of the School of Packaging at Central Philippine University in Iloilo City, Philippines. This is the first program of its kind at CPU, and it will provide the needed formalized educational training and practical application of packaging engineering designed to meet the growing requirements of the Philippine packaging industry. As Senior Consultant for International Relations, Resource Development and Lifelong Learning at the school, Lejo will develop international linkages and cooperation with packaging centers of higher learning, technical and professional organizations and industrial establishments and publications.

Lejo has spent a lifetime helping to advance the packaging industry, focusing a great deal of time and effort on packaging education. Congratulations to Lejo for being honored as the 2006 recipient of the R. David LeButt Award!

Stephen R. Pierce - 2007 Steve Pierce started in this industry more than 35-years ago. He received his BS in 1966 and his MS in 1968; both degrees in Packaging and both from Michigan State University. After college, Steve went to work for MSU and then went to spend the majority of his career at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY. Steve had a hand in many areas at Kodak, including but certainly not limited to industrial engineering, supply chains, domestic and international shipping, package engineering, graphics design and test development. Since his retirement from Kodak Steve has worked with the Rochester Institute of Technology on their adjunct faculty as well as with ISTA as the past Director of Testing & Certification. Steve has presented at seminars, conferences and symposiums worldwide, and has been active with ISTA for decades.

It was in February of 2005 that Steve finally "retired for good" and began to devote his time and energy to his favorite past time of showing his horses. Steve and his wife, Joan (who some may recognize as a fellow packaging professional with Colgate-Palmolive), currently own 8 Dutch Harness Horses and 3 Morgan's. Steve has been successfully training the horses for pleasure driving and combined driving. Congratulations to Steve for being honored as the 2007 recipient of the R. David LeButt Award!

William Armstrong- 2008 Bill Armstrong graduated from Michigan State University in 1968, with a B.S. in Packaging. He is an active member of the packaging industry, including recent and past activites: Member of Industry Advisory Councils for MSU School of Packaging and RIT Packaging Department, Past President of ISTA, Past National President of SPHE, Past National President and Chairman of IoPP, Past Board Member of PEF, Past President of MSU School of Packaging Alumni Association, Past Chairman of the IoPP Transport Packaging Committee and Ameristar National Packaging Design Competition.

Bill’s achievements are numerous, including: ISTA CPLP Professional, IoPP CPP, Granted patents on inflatable cushioning design and foam-in-place packaging forms, Many professional articles published in various magazines and Packaging Encyclopedias, Named PEF Packaging Hall of Fame in 2003, Member of MSU School of Packaging Alumni Hall of Fame, Member of NIPHLE Military Packaging Hall of Fame, 1998 MSU National Alumni Service Award, 1992 NIPHLE Annual Achievement Award in Packaging, Member of IoPP College of Fellows.

Congratulations to Bill Armstrong for receiving this well deserved honor.

David Shires - 2009 With a history of serving the global packaging industry throughout his career, David Shires is a long-time member of ISTA with six years of service on the Board of Directors. He has generously and most selflessly shared his knowledge and career experiences during decades of industry conferences, publications, lectures and international networking.

He has an honours degree in Physics and has worked across most packaging media in both primary and distribution packaging. He is a specialist in packaging and materials testing with extensive experience in problem solving.

While working at Pira International in the UK, alongside his close friend and associate, Ben Parsons, who sadly passed away, David Shires helped realize their shared vision of establishing a world-class distribution laboratory for transit testing test to serve the European community and beyond.

David is currently Pira’s Chief Consultant of Product Testing, Logistics Distribution and Operations. He also lectures on the Packaging MSc course at Brunel and Loughborough Universities and is Editor-in-Chief of the international journal "Packaging Technology & Science".

Congratulations to David Shires, ISTA’s 2009 R. David LeButt Award recipient!

Larry Rutledge - 2010
Larry graduated from Memphis State University 1969, with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He earned a Masters in Technical Education, also from Memphis State, in 1976 after serving in the military.

He’s worked for several companies, including Allen & Hoshall Consulting Engineers, Wiseman, Bland and Foster Architects, and Dobbs Houses Construction Management, although the company he is recognized most for is FedEx, where he spent 18 years. He managed the FedEx testing lab from 1989 to 2007, when he retired.

Larry’s background is diverse, with experience in mechanical systems design, facility planning, industrial engineering, project management, package testing and design and logistics solutions. During his FedEx career he was instrumental in developing many innovative packaging solutions for FedEx and FedEx customers, including Pack and Ship services for then FedEx Kinko’s. His experience and knowledge helped FedEx customize the Packaging Lab to improve service for FedEx customers. His dedication to the lab enabled FedEx to move forward with practical applications of sophisticated package testing and engineering. He is past Chairman of the IoPP Transport Packaging Committee, and served on the Board of Directors for ISTA and the Board of Directors for the Michigan State University Consortium on Distribution Packaging.

Although now technically retired Larry has continued as a consultant and has been involved with the packaging program at Christian Brothers University in Memphis since its beginning. Currently, he serves on CBU Packaging Advisory Group and as Packaging Lab Consultant. He has enjoyed educating students on various packaging topics and, recently, he has proposed a hands-on course for packaging students at CBU, which will cover various aspects of package design and testing.

He is a husband of over 35 years, a father and grandfather. His passion for packaging extended as far as vanity plates that said "Packitright". When not working, he is a sports fanatic to the highest level, whether it be playing or watching or encouraging others to have the same enthusiasm. Congratulations, Larry!

Alan Crawford – 2011
In mid-April 2010, just a couple weeks after the International Transport Packaging Forum, ISTA Staff received devastating news: Alan Crawford, a Research Engineer with Abbott Nutrition and a regular speaker at ISTA events was in the hospital after suffering a stroke. True to his nature, Alan put up a brave fight but the damage was too much to come back from; Alan passed away May 2, 2010.

Alan was a giant in the packaging industry. He had a work ethic and commitment that is rare to find. He graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in packaging and of Roosevelt University in Chicago with a Master’s. His career included working with Abbott, Johnson and Johnson, Surgikos, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Ross Nutrition. He retired from Abbott in April 2010 after 23 years.

Alan put his heart and soul into his work and it showed by the people he touched throughout the years. The outpouring of support that ISTA, not to mention his family, received once word of the stroke became public was incredible but not surprising. We heard from many people who had been inspired and educated by Alan’s love and knowledge of packaging. Alan was a generous and caring man, who would do whatever he could to help a fellow professional solve a problem. ISTA was lucky, and grateful, to be on the receiving end of his giving – his presentations over the years were always considered among the most popular and informative. His devotion to educating others is something that defined him as a packaging professional.

Alan was a family man at his core. He and his wife Linda, married nearly 27 years, proudly raised two daughters, Miranda (Horner) and Alison (Zamora). Alan was a doting grandfather to three granddaughters, Sunshine, Lorraine and Oriana. Anyone who spoke to Alan for just a few minutes would undoubtedly get a story or two about his family – a clear priority in his life.

At the suggestion of a dear friend and colleague of Alan’s, Dennis Young (the 2004 LeButt Award recipient), the co-chairs of the Forum, Leon Venech and Susan Clarke Williams, along with ISTA Staff, agreed that we should honor Alan Crawford as the 2011 LeButt Award recipient.

Joan Pierce – 2012
Joan graduated from the Michigan State University School of Packaging. She has 40 years of experience in the packaging industry and has worked for several major corporations, including Eastman Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, the Dial Corporation, the Coca Cola Company and Colgate-Palmolive. Now retired from the corporate sector, she is serving as the Executive Director of AMERIPEN, the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment.

Joan Pierce serves on the industry advisory boards of the MSU School of Packaging, Rutgers University’s School of Engineering and the Packaging Science Department of Rochester Institute of Technology. She has been on ISTA’s board of directors for 15 years where she served as President for many years. She is currently serving on ISTA’s Global Board of Directors as Immediate Past Chair. Joan was also most recently inducted into the Michigan State University School of Packaging Alumni Hall of Fame during their Annual Awards Banquet in April.

Joan is the first woman to be honored with the R. David LeButt Packaging Education award and joins her husband, Steve Pierce who also received this award. Congratulations, Joan!

Larry Dull – 2013
Larry Dull is a Partner and Sustainable Packaging Expert with the Packaging Knowledge Group, LLC, and also serves as ISTA’s Vice President - Sustainability Solutions. He has 25+ years of experience in managing technical packaging development groups and has held positions with Eastman Kodak Company, Calgon Corporation and Syngenta Crop Protection Inc. Larry holds eight U.S. patents in the field of packaging and has won several awards in national packaging design competitions. In 2008, Wal-Mart approached Larry to develop and teach the Sustainable Scorecard Process, now the industry standard, and he has continued to help educate companies and professionals about sustainability issues. Larry has delivered numerous presentations and written numerous articles on packaging, packaging development and packaging testing, and is an honorary professor at Hunan University of Technology in China. An IoPP College of Fellows inductee, Larry is also active in several industry and professional associations. In 2011, Larry was voted by his peers into the exclusive and prestigious Packaging Hall of Fame, and that same year was inducted into the Michigan State University School of Packaging Hall of Fame. He co-authored the ISTA® Responsible Packaging by Design Guide, released in 2012. Larry has been a Contributing Author to Chemical Packaging Review as well as several IoPP Industry Publications. He is an Instructor and Contributing Author for IoPP's Fundamentals of Packaging Technology, and is a regular guest lecturer for top Packaging Schools in the country, including Michigan State, San Jose State and Clemson University.


Dr. S. Paul Singh – 2014
Dr. S. Paul Singh was a Professor at the School of Packaging, Michigan State University with over 26 years of faculty service. He is Technical Liaison to TC 122 in International Standards Organization, International Scientist at China Packaging Research, and Adjunct Professor at Kasetsart University. He is past Chair of Division 1, D-10 Packaging Committee at ASTM and was inducted as a Fellow in 2007. Paul has served on the Boards of ISTA and NIPHLE and is the past Vice President of International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI). He is a Lifetime Certified Packaging Professional and Fellow of IOPP and was inducted into the Military Packaging Hall of Fame in 2010 and previously awarded the Logistics Achievement Award by NIPHLE for “professionalism, hard work and contribution to the field of packaging, handling and logistics”. He received the Award of Merit by ASTM for lifetime contributions in developing new package test standards, educational materials and distinguished service to ASTM technical committees. He has over 500 publications, conference papers, technical reports and book chapters. He was also the founding Director of the Consortium of Distribution Packaging Research at MSU for 20 years.

Leon Venech – 2014
Leon Venech was the Technical Director, Paper and Packaging at SGS U.S. Testing Company where he built and managed a State-of-the-Art Paper and Package Testing Laboratory while building and training a complete packaging team. Leon was a core member of the Technical Competency Support Center Team to support the SGS Global Family and Private Industry. Prior to joining SGS, Leon was employed by Container Testing Laboratory (CTL). In 30 years with CTL, Leon progressed through the ranks from Laboratory Technician to Vice President of Technical Services and Director of Operations. Leon was instrumental in assisting the National Safe Transmit Committee (NSTC) in demonstrating the importance of laboratory testing to Mr. Ralph Day, Packaging Director of the United Parcel Service, which adopted the ISTC 1A procedure as their standard of package performance. He was part of the Quality Control Research Team in accessing and developing standards for Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes for the Uniform Freight and National Motor Freight Classification Committees. Leon has been affiliated with IOPP College of Fellows, Certified for Life CPP-MH, Professional Member IOPP, ASTM, TAPPI, UN/DOT Certified, Member of ISTA Board of Directors, Committee Member of ASTM D-10, D-26, F-04 and Co-Chair and Chair Person of ISTA Forums.


Karen Proctor– 2015
Karen Proctor is a professor of packaging science in RIT’s College of Applied Science and Technology. Proctor was presented the award in recognition of her dedication to the field and outstanding contribution to educating the next generation of packaging professionals during her career.She has been a part of the RIT faculty since 1983, serving for several years as the Packaging Science Department chair for both its graduate and undergraduate programs, collaborating with department faculty to develop different courses and leading aspects of its sustainability focus. Her areas of expertise include distribution, process control, sustainable packaging innovation and packaging at the point-of-purchase. She integrates many of her corporate experiences into the classroom and has been instrumental in supporting corporations in developing their sustainable packaging initiatives. Prior to RIT, Proctor was a packaging professional at both the Xerox and Amway Corporations. During an RIT sabbatical in 2006, she returned to Corporate America served as director of Homecare Packaging for Colgate-Palmolive and was a member of its Sustainable Packaging Taskforce working with the team to develop its Global Sustainable Packaging Strategy. Karen is an active member of many packaging professional associations including the American Society for Testing and Materials, Institute of Packaging Professionals, International Association of Packaging Research Institutions, International Safe Transit Association, National Institute of Packaging, Handling and Logistics Engineers and Women in Packaging.


Edward Church – 2016
Edward A Church, ISTA’s President Emeritus is the 2016 LeButt award recipient. Edward Church was President of the International Safe TransitAssociation (ISTA), serving in that capacity from 1995 until 2016. He is currently President Emeritus working on special projects for the association. He is a graduate of the Michigan State University School of Packaging with both a Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Packaging. He is an IoPP Fellow and Lifetime Certified Packaging Professional and has an extensive background in transport packaging performance testing. Mr. Church currently chairs the Packaging Department Advisory Board at the California Polytechnic State University (Cal-Poly). He also serves as theAdministrative Director of the Cal Poly Packaging Research Consortium.Ed was one of the founders of Lansmont Corporation; a distribution testing equipment manufacturer where he served in several capacities at Lansmont, including President. He is a member of the ASTM D-10 and F-2, and represented ISTA as a board member at the International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI) and the WorldPackaging Organization (WPO). Church is a member of the Steering Committee for the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Interest Group (PCCIG) in the PDA. Mr. Church is a Past President and Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP). He is a past Member of the Year and has been inducted into the IoPP College of Fellows and as an Honorary Life Member. He has been inducted into the National Packaging Hall of Fame and the MSU Packaging Hall of Fame. Church has received the MSU College of Agriculture Outstanding Alumni Service Award and has served on the MSU PackagingAlumni Board as a director and President.At MSU he has also served on the Ralph Young Fund Board, the Development Fund Board and the National Alumni Board. He has given over 100 conference presentations around the world in his 48 year career in packaging. In the past, he has served on the Rochester Institute of Technology and MSU School of Packaging Industry Advisory Boards.

Brian  Wagner – 2017
Brian Wagner is the Senior Director of American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN). Brian is a 1984 graduate of the Michigan State University School of Packaging and his 30-year professional career as an entrepreneurial business and technical leader spanned Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions (co-founder of PTIS), Kellogg's, Sara Lee, Multiform Desiccants, Carton-Craft Corp., Burger King and General Foods. Havi Global Solutions acquired PTIS in 2011, and Wagner worked as Vice President, Consulting Services until mid-2016. Over 16 years, PTIS helped over 250 organizations globally to achieve better results by developing future focused growth and productivity initiatives, as well as consumer and market insight, design, brand innovation, sustainability and organizational strategy. In 2008, Brian was inducted into the Michigan State University School of Packaging Hall of Fame and was recognized as 2008 Western Michigan Business Review – Thought Leaders. In 2016, Wagner received the Reister-Davis-Brody Lifetime Achievement in Food Packaging.

Marshall “Mark” White – 2018
Marshall “Mark” White, Professor Emeritus, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials at Virginia Tech is the 2018 R. David LeButt award recipient. ISTA announced this honor at the recent ISTA Forum in San Diego, California. Mark has received degrees from Colorado State University and Virginia Tech with B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Wood Science and Forest Products. He was head of the US delegation to the International Organization of Standardization (IS) TC51 Committee on International Pallet Standards and chaired the American Society of Engineers MH1 Committee on Pallet & Container Standards. He was a member of the faculty in the Department of Wood Science & Forest Products at Virginia Tech since 1975 where he served as Past Director of the Pallet and Container Research Laboratory and Center for Unit Load Design. His research and extension programs through the pallet lab and the unit load design lab focused on unit load materials handling efficiency. As a result of Mark’s research expertise, he has written many national and international standards for pallets and containers.