Announcing ISTA TOUCHPOINTS, E-retailer Fulfillment Publication

ISTA is pleased to announce TOUCHPOINTS - E-retailer Fulfillment, a resource providing a look into the e-commerce retailer supply chain environment to gain additional insight into handling practices and utilized materials.

The e-commerce supply chain disrupts the traditional brick and mortar retail store journey resulting in longer transit legs and more touches for packaged-products as they travel to their ultimate destination. Gaining an understanding of these touch points, and the resulting hazards they pose to packaged-products, as well as the common practices employed by e-retailers is critical to designing optimized packaging for this supply chain.

As a step toward addressing these concerns, ISTA brought together an exploratory team of predominant e-retailers and brand owners to discuss questions and concerns relative to the e-commerce supply chain.  TOUCHPOINTS - E-retailer Fulfillment is a summary of detailed questions that were addressed by e-retailers coupled with an analysis of how the insight could be leveraged during the packaging design process in conjunction with laboratory testing.


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