ISTA Pharma Committee hosting annual Technical Exchange meetings Oct. 5 & 12

The ISTA Pharma Committee is hosting its annual Technical Exchange this October during two virtual meetings. In the first session, the Pharma Committee will provide an update to the industry on the committee’s latest activities. The second session will be an open industry discussion about the latest industry trends and ISTA Standard 20 and 7E. We hope you can join these open meetings and actively participate in the discussion.  
Development of Guidance Documents

Tuesday, October 5th
11am-12:00pm EST Sign up now!
The Industry's Biggest Current Needs, ISTA Standard 20 and 7E

Tuesday, October 12th
11am-12:00pm EST Sign up now!
ISTA Pharma Committee Meeting Leaders:

Anthony (TJ) Rizzo
Chief Commercial Officer
Cold Chain Technologies, Inc.

Bryan Cardis
Associate Sr. Consultant Engineer
Eli Lilly and Company

Arminda Montero
Associate Director, Global Supply Chain Quality
AbbVie Inc.

Bill Mayer
Director of Research and Development
Pelican Biothermal

Carolyn Williamson
Parenteral Supply Chain