ISTA China Announces 2022 Transport Packaging Design Competition

The 3rd ISTA Transport Packaging Design Competition
Call for Design Works

The call for design works for The 3rd ISTA Transport Packaging Design Competition (2022) will be officially launched on March 17, 2022, and will be co-hosted by ISTA and China Committee of ISTA.

ISTA is not only a professional community for transport packaging tests, but also for exploring methodologies and practices in the field of transport packaging design. The competition will continue according to Chinese consumer market and the demand for transport packaging technology: The competition will create an intellectual property trading platform, promote the intellectual property trading of the entries, transform the achievements, and bring more economic benefits to the contestants or enterprises and universities.

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Proposition detail:


How to apply:

  1. Participants should contact the competition organizing committee Andy Huang to obtain the competition registration receipt and the intellectual property declaration of the entries. Please submit the registration receipt, the intellectual property declaration of the entry and the registration fee, and send them to the organizing committee Andy Huang
  2. Email subject: Name + Company + Competition Registration Receipt
  3. Get contestant number and proposition information. After receiving the registration receipt, intellectual property declaration and registration fee, the competition organizing committee will send the detailed information of the proposition to the contestants.
  4. Registration fee 1500 yuan / piece. Note: Please submit the application receipt and the application fee at the same time.

Contact information:

Mr. Andy Huang
Tel: 86-22-66231631

Address: No.2 Haichuan Ave. Huanghai Rd. TEDA,Tianjin,China 300457

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