China Packaging Symposium Exhibitors

The 2019 ISTA China Packaging Symposium will be held from September 18-20, 2019 at the Royal Venus Hotel in Shenzhen, China. The exhibition exchange will provide a platform for ISTA members and outside organizations to exchange product information and technical information.
Exhibition times:
  • Starting time: AM 09:00 on 18th September, 2019
  • Closing time: PM 20:00 on 18th September, 2019
  • Construction date: 17th September, 2019 (TBD for time)
  • Close time: PM 21:00 on18th September, 2019
Exhibition Booth
Exhibition Booth Rates:
  • 5000 RMB/Booth
  • Booth labels: S1、S2、S3、S4、S5、S6、S7、S8、S9、S10, S11、S12、S13、S14、S15、S16、S17、S18、S19、S20

Booth Package Includes:
  • Standard booth: (Area: 3m in length * 2m in width, 2 round tables, 2 chairs, 2 spotlights and 220V power plugs)
  • One exhibit staff (Free registration)
  • On-site Recognition on the background poster of exhibition area
  • Recognition on the website of 2019 ISTA China Packaging Symposium and ISTA China WechatPublic Platform.
  • Exhibitors listed in the symposium brochure.
Advertising Opportunities at the Symposium:
  • Advertising boards will be set up in the venue area: 4000 RMB
  • Publicity board label: Y1、Y2、Y3、Y4、Y5、Y6、Y7、Y8、Y9、Y10
  • Advertising boards will be set up in the off-site area: 3500 RMB
  • Publicity board label: Y11、Y12、Y13、Y14、Y15、Y16、Y17、Y18

  • Advertising boards will be shown in the venue area from September 18 to September 19 (two days). Advertising board in off-site area will be set up on September 18 (one day).
  • The dimensions of Y1 to Y10 are: 3 meters long; 4 meters high. Y11 to 18 sizes: 3 meters long; 3 meters high.
  • Deadline for Designing of Advertising board is August 31, 2019. Advertising space needs to be designed by your company.
Contact: Mr. Shi Zi Long
Phone: +86-22-66231631
Mobile: 15122803920
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