TransPack Program


Program  Hotel and Travel Exhibitors
Speakers Rates CPLP and RPbD
Events and Networking Sponsors TempPack Forum
The following is an overview of ISTA's TransPack Forum Program. For additional information regarding ISTA Divisional Board and Advocate Council meetings, click here.

7:30am 8:00am CPLP Breakfast
8:00am 12:30pm Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional (CPLP) TECHNICIAN TRAINING (additional fee)
12:30pm 1:00pm CPLP Lunch
1:00pm 5:30pm Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional (CPLP) TECHNOLOGIST TRAINING (additional fee)
7:30am 8:00am CPLP Breakfast
8:00am Noon Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional (CPLP) Training EXAMS
8:00am Noon Responsible Packaging by Design (RPbD) TRAINING (additional fee)
Noon 1:00pm RPBD Lunch
Noon 6:00pm Forum Registration
1:00pm 3:00pm Responsible Packaging by Design (RPbD) EXAMS
6:15pm 9:30pm Welcome Reception
8:00am 8:30am Networking Breakfast
8:30am 9:15am Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:15am 10:00am Keynote Presentation: Packaging in the Fourth Dimensions Brian Wagner, Ameripen
10:00am 10:15am Networking Morning Break
10:15am 10:45am How To Get Your Project Approved: The Business Case Matters Nancy Matchey, Chainalytics
10:45am 11:15am Pharma Packaging Through Single Parcel Shipments Sameer Upadhyaya, Genetech Inc.
11:15am 11:45am E-commerce Packaging in 2022: Future Winners and Losers in this Critical and Evolving Retail Channel Ciaran Little, Smithers Pira
11:45am 12:00pm ISTA Technical Update Presentation
12:00pm  1:15pm Networking Lunch
1:15pm 1:45pm Runaway - Transport and Shipping of Lithium Ion Batteries Bill Green, IBM
1:45pm 2:15pm Comparison of Vibration Simulation Methods (SDoF vs MDoF)
on Light Weighted Distribution Packaging
Ricky Speck, PhD and Patrick McDavid, Michigan State University School of Packaging
2:15pm 2:45pm When is it Time to Make the Move to an Omni-Channel Pack? Michael Gorges, More from Less
2:45pm 3:15pm Networking Afternoon Break
3:15pm 3:45pm Econometric Model of the Impact of Pallet Size Selection on the Cost of Operating Supply Chains Between Asia and North America Marshall (Mark) White, Virginia Tech
3:45pm 4:15pm Sustainable Flexible Packaging Larry Effler Ph.D., DowDuPont Inc.
4:15pm 4:45pm Lessons From 20 Years as a Packaging Engineer John Blanck, ASML
5:00pm 7:30pm Exhibitor Reception
8:00am 8:30am Networking Breakfast
8:30am 9:00am Effects of Social Media and Packaging on e-Commerce Shippers Ryan Germann, Pregis
9:00am 9:30am How to Develop a Sustainable Packaging Strategy Jan Gates, Adept Packaging
9:30am 10:00am Utilization of Multi-Axis Vibration Test System to Evaluate Unit Loads Kyle Dunno, Atlantic Packaging
10:00am 10:15am Networking Morning Break
10:15am 10:45am Leading in the Muddy Middle Robby Martin, Bush Bros.
10:45am 11:15am Shift Damage from One Component to Another for Packaging Systems Jun Wang, Jiangnan University
11:15am 11:45am Evaluation of Stability of Unit Loads for Tilt and Shock Events During Distribution Jay Singh, Cal Poly Packaging Program
11:45am 12:00pm ISTA Technical Update Presentation
12:00pm 1:15pm Networking Lunch
1:15pm 1:45pm Afternoon Remarks
1:45pm 2:15pm Innovation in Sustainable Protective Packaging Daniel Beauregard-Long, Corruven Inc.
2:15pm 2:45pm E-Commerce's Effect on Packaging for Medium to Larger Goods Jim Lowry, Sonoco
2:45pm 3:15pm Networking Afternoon Break
3:15pm 3:30pm CPLP Recognition & David R. LeButt Award
3:30pm 4:00pm A Holistic Approach to Reducing Transportation Damage Jeremy Kell, Veritiv
4:00pm 4:30pm Let's Fix Re-Packing Michele Barone, PA Consulting
4:30pm 5:00pm Packaging and Logistics Sustainability for the 21 Century Paul Singh, Packaging Forensics Associates, Inc., Kevin Smith, USMC (ret.)
5:30pm 7:30pm Networking Social Event
8:00am 8:30am Networking Breakfast
8:30am 8:45am Forum Video Highlights
8:45am  9:15am Shipping Damage Data Analytics using AI (Artificial Intelligence) like "Watson Analytics" Sharon Spaulding, IBM
9:15am  9:45am Stability Palletised Corrugated Packaging in Modern Supply Chains Gérard van den Boogaard, Smurfit Kappa Development Centre
9:45pm – 10:00am Networking Morning Break
10:00am  10:30am Optimisation of Biodegradable Bioplastic Film Packaging Size for Fruits and Vegetables Using a Numerical Model for Transpiration and Respiration Processes Alexander Bardenstein, Danish Technological Institute
10:30am  11:00am Test Evaluation Technology of Transport Packaging Zhi-Wei Wang, Jinan University, Packaging Engineering Institute
11:30am  12:00pm Analyzing Field Environments to Validate Old Test Methods and/or Generate New Test Methods Jade Vande Kamp, Vibration Research
12:00pm  12:15pm Forum Wrap-Up Open Discussion
12:15pm  12:45pm ISTA Membership Meeting